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Tech Lead / Java Software Architect

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A little about myself

My name is Matías Giorgio

I am a software development leader specialized in the planning, design, development, and integration of distributed and scalable systems. I have spent 9+ years building software for the financial trading industry where I played different roles from Java Developer to Team Leader.

In 2015 I received a MS degree in Software Engineering from University of California, Irvine. My MS Thesis, called "Accountability Through Architecture in Decentralized Systems: A Preliminary Approach", explores a technique named "Capability accounting" that analyzes the use of system capabilities to obtain architectural accountability. My advisor was Prof. Richard N. Taylor and a Technical Report based on my MS Thesis can be found here.

My favorite topics are software architecture, software engineering, distributed systems, and system performance. Feel free to contact me if you want to share experiences, discuss about these topics or any other, or just to say “Hi!”.

In my free time, I like playing piano and other musical instruments such as guitar and melodica. I love watching movies, specially the ones from Hayao Miyazaki (recently retired), Tim Burton, and Wes Anderson. Also, from time to time I share my thoughts about software design and programming in my blog. Check it out!

For an offline and more complete version of my background, download my resume.

Professional experience

Sr. Staff Software Engineer – Medallia

Apr 2018 - Present

Tech Lead of the API Platform team. We focus on creating infrastructure, defining methodologies, and developing tooling to enable Medallia produce and expose managed REST APIs that add great value for API clients, were easy to consume, flexible, and have great performance.

Staff Software Engineer – Medallia

Oct 2016 - Apr 2018

Tech Lead of the API Platform team. We focused on creating infrastructure, defining methodologies, and developing tooling to enable Medallia produce and expose managed REST APIs that added great value for API clients, were easy to consume, flexible, and had great performance.

Independent Consultant

Nov 2015 - Present

Worked in pre-sales doing on-site requirements elicitation with business and technical users for an electronic trading monitoring system. Led the development of a successful Proof of Concept. Created a Project Plan for 2016 and 2017 including development scope, resources and roles, and integration with the customer infrastructure.

Team Manager – Viridian S.A.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2013

Led a 6-person team responsible for facing the new versions of a highly distributed Monitoring Suite for the financial industry. As team manager, I coordinated the team's work to meet planned timelines taking into account work product quality, motivation and promoting team work. Negotiated scope and schedule with Product Management. Coordinated software integration with other company's products. Collaborated with other teams and customers in USA, LatAm, Europe, and Asia.

Technical Leader – Viridian S.A.

Jan 2009 - Jul 2011

Planned, designed, integrated, monitored, and led implementations and deployments on customers of maintenance versions of a highly distributed Monitoring Suite for the financial industry. Managed work products, timelines, and resources. Responsible for Tier 3 Support and lower tier training. Designed and coded critical pieces of the system. Product owner of QATools (a set of quality assurance tools) and CrossSuite (Cross-project libraries).

Java Developer – Greenline Financial Technologies

Jul 2005 - Jan 2009

Designed and developed software systems in Java. Mentored and trained Jr. and Ssr. developers. Participated in architecture meetings. Built documentation for standards, best practices, and software development process. Made used of tools to support my work (JIRA, Scarab, Bugzilla, Knowledge Tree, Confluence, Wiki, Cruise Control). Participated in definition of software development standards and best practices. Participated in Scrum meetings.

Java Developer – Freelance Mobile Project

Jul 2007 - Sep 2007

Designed, coded, and tested a J2ME application running on a Nokia device for monitoring trucks on the road. The application captured its location using GPS, stores it, and sent it to a Server using GPRS. The tool had the capacity of working offline for one week by storing the information, and catching up as soon as the GPRS connection was reestablished. It was configurable via SMS.

Web Developer – Exelsum

Dec 2004 - Jul 2005

Designed and developed CRM and other types of systems for Red Hat using PostgreSQL and Oracle databases.

Academic experience

Visitor Assistant Specialist – UC Irvine

Dec 2015 - Mar 2016

Collaborated in the COmputAtional State Transfer (COAST) Research Group writing academic papers and creating technical documentation for developers. COAST is an architectural style for building secure, adaptive, decentralized systems.

Graduate Student Researcher – UC Irvine

Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

Collaborated in the COmputAtional State Transfer (COAST) Research Group. The focus of my work was capability accounting as a form of architectural accountability in decentralized systems. See the COAST project in my LinkedIn profile to get further information.

Teaching Assistant – UC Irvine

Sep 2013 - Jul 2015

Teaching Assistant in Programming in Java, Analysis of Programming Languages (Graduate level course), Software Design I, Concepts in Programming Languages II, Software Design II, Introduction to HCI, and Introduction to Software Engineering.

Lecturer – Universidad Maimónides

Mar 2009 - Jul 2015

Taught Formal Languages and Languages Processing for undergraduate students. Formal Languages is a course where students learn theory and techniques to process languages. It focuses on DFA, NFA, PDA, Turing Machines, formal grammars, and regular expressions. In Languages Processing, students have to apply the acquired knowledge on Formal Languages by making a practical work creating a lexical, syntactic, and semantic analyzer. To that end, I developed Shapes4Learn, a framework to manipulate shapes where students can learn and apply language processing.


Technical Report

Oct 2015

M. Giorgio, R. N. Taylor. Accountability Through Architecture for Decentralized Systems: A Preliminary Assessment. Technical Report UCI-ISR-15-2, Institute for Software Research, University of California Irvine.


Software Design Competition – Software Design & Collaboration Lab at UC Irvine


Best software architecture and design in the two rounds of the competition. See Lab's original post.

Argentine Presidential Fellowship (BEC.AR) – Argentine Presidential Cabinet


Fellowship to study a Master of Science in United States covering tuition, fees and maintenance for two years, administered by Fulbright. The Presidential Committee and Fulbright considered academic and professional background to select Fellows.

UCI Fellowship – UC Irvine


Full tuition and fees waiver for the entire MS program (two years).

Valedictorian – Universidad Maimónides


Highest grade point average in graduating class.

Undergradute Merit Scholarship – Universidad Maimónides


Full tuition waiver for the entire undergraduate program (five years).

My skills

What I can do


Distributed systems
Angular, HTML, CSS


Matias has been an excellent and invaluable employee for the company! He was efficient and very responsive to any issues or questions we had. As a colleague he was always available and helpful. He will be greatly missed but wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

Gary Milam Jr. / Integration Manager of the Americas at Greenline Financial Technologies

As a developer, Matias is knowledgeable and intelligent. He can always give the best and fastest solutions to the most difficult problems we have encountered in our highly distributed enterprise-level projects. (...) As a team lead, he does not only have the knowledge to his own, but also can express and share his opinions clearly and make the ideas easy to understand to everyone else.

Jing Wen / Quality Assurance Analyst at Greenline Financial Technologies

Working with Matias was a pleasure. He excels on both people and technical skills. During the time I worked with him, he mantained an excellent work environment, keeping an eye on team motivation and giving room for improvement to the team members.

Tomás Niño Kehoe / Team Leader at Viridian S.A.

I would recommend him as he's proactive and always eager to help and solve problems. His contribution to the team was outstanding, and as a Team Leader, he was very motivational and comprehensive. He always had the time to look over the code and help QA and Product Integration teams on the effort to get better understanding on the products to provide fast responses to clients.

Emanuel García / Product Integration Specialist at Greenline


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Name: Matías Giorgio
Birth: 1985 / 07 / 18
Email: matias.giorgio [at] gmail [dot] com
City: Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina